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In its „11th Five-Year-Plan for national economic and social development“, the Chinese government has made an effort to stress environmental issues. Environmental protection and energy saving in China are topics which will be of considerable importance in the near future. Amongst many others, the building sector will be concerned as well. The introduction of new technologies together with architectural know-how and the use of ecologically advanced building materials can lead to energy efficient, sustainable buildings. Many German architects and institutions have developed expertise in the field of energy reduction and use of alternative energies in the building sector for more than 20 years now. Low energy housing and office buildings (including high-rise buildings) and even passive houses are abounding in Germany.

Chinese city developers and architects alike can therefore profit from long-standing German experience and quality in low energy, ecological and solar energy buildings. Britta Uihlein, ChinaBaukontakte is meaning to serve both sides: Chinese architects and city developers who want to know more about the topic of energy reduced buildings and are looking for specialists and business partners for future projects in China as well as German architects and experts in sustainable building projects who would like to realize projects together with Chinese partners in China.

What we offer

We organize journeys to prime examples of low energy, ecological and solar architecture and buildings mainly in Germany, but also to Switzerland and Austria as well as other European countries if desired. The main purpose of these trips is to take the Chinese interest group to specific places which best fit their demands and establish contact to the developers, architects as well as the suppliers of specialized building materials responsible for the respective object. Thus we want to make sure to provide our customer with the right package. Trips can be arranged according to fixed routes or may be specifically planned to exactly meet the demands of our partners. We will take care of any aspect of travelling abroad. Visa, flights, accommodation, restaurants and the visit of architectural projects as well as government and research institutions or specialized trade fairs are included in the service. Other than the professional part of the trips a leisure program of sightseeing, shopping etc. may be prepared.

Besides organising the described journeys we can offer to merely establish contact with German specialists and suppliers within all spheres of architecture and the building business. If a certain state-of-the-art building material and the specialist to use it for maximum effect are needed, we can help to find the most suitable arrangement. To name only some of the possible fields of modern architecture we deal with: low energy and ecological architecture, solar technology, advanced heating and cooling systems, energy reductions etc.

We are also looking into organising architectural exhibitions in China in order to provide German and Chinese interest groups with a meeting ground to establish personal contacts and a space for information and hands-on experience regarding cutting-edge technology in the field of low energy architecture.

Britta Uihlein, ChinaBaukontakte has created a program of seminars on low energy architecture and related building materials. These seminars are held in cooperation with highly reputed German institutions of higher learning and independent experts at locations in Germany and China. The range of topics includes basic introductory training in the field of ecological building as well as advanced knowledge tailored specifically to the needs of our partners.

Partners we already served and cooperated with in China
Shanghai Yuanjing Fangdichan Kaifa Ltd.
Wuhan Gaoke Nongye Jituan Ltd.
Hangzhou Shi Juzhuqu Fazhan Zhongxin Ltd.
Zhejiang Sheng Shaoxing Shi Chengjian Jituan Ltd.
Zhejiang Shaoxing Jinghu Fangguansuo
Lin’an Shi Fangdichan Guanlichu
Zhejiang Sheng Lin’an Shi Zhuzhai Gaige Weiyuanhui Bangongshi
Xinchang Xian Fangdichan Guanliju
Zhejiang Chengtian Jituan Ltd.

Contact Persons

Britta Uihlein
Graduated with an M.A. in Chinese Studies and East Asian Art History at Heidelberg University. Studied at Universities of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Heidelberg and at Fudan University Shanghai. Former researcher at the Institute of East Asian Affairs Hamburg. Specialist in Chinese architectural and art history as well as in Sino-Western intercultural communication. Founder.
Office address: Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 23, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany.
Phone: 0049-(0)6221-22666 Mobile: 0178-6345317

Cherry Xu Graduated in Textile Design and Art Design from the Zhejiang University of Natural Sciences and from Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. Executive Manager of Operations of Hangzhou Aibo Zhanlan Ltd. Ms. Xu is ChinaBaukontakte’s sole representative in China.
Office Address: Rm 205/206, 74 Baoshu Road, Hangzhou 310007, China.
Phone: 0086-(0)571-87754333 Fax: 0086-(0)571-87754286
Mobile: 0086-13516821634


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